how to make a wordpress website 2017 guide step by step

How To Make a WordPress Website in 2017 – Step by Step Guide

WordPress is the most popular content management system.You can build any kind of website easily and completely free.No matter you are new to website building.This article is about how to make a WordPress website 2017 Beginners guide ?. It is a step by step guide.WordPress is reliable to use.If you are not familiar with coding practices still no need to worry.I will guide you from start to end.You might create website for different purposes personal, business and company.

Making money from website is a good idea.If you have no job. I suggest don’t waste your time.Money is more important for you.Not only you can make money from website but also create website for others for extra income.At the end of this tutorial, i will tell you how to start making money from website.I assure if you read this article till end you will be the owner of a beautiful website.

Table of Content:

  • Why build a website?
  • The first step in creating website
  • Installing WordPress on your domain
  • What is WordPress?
  • How to make a WordPress website 2017 guide?
  • What is the right WordPress theme to choose for the website?
  • How to start making money from the website ?
  • Other benefits of learning website building?

Why build a website?

The web world is growing day by day.In the beginning, it regarded a part-time job.But now it’s importance has increased.Even master degree holder preferring to engage in the internet and look for some income.

You can find plenty of ways to start with.But in my opinion, if you are the beginner and have no right skills.Building website is the best choice for you.At the first, it may generate less income. But hard work results in more money.Full-time working can generate extra income for you.

The first step in creating a website

Before you create a web site, you have to think of web site topic.I recommend choosing the one you are best in.You should have plenty of information and research on your topic.It is because you can run your website without any problem.If you do not have any expertise in anything, you do not even have to worry.It is not much necessary but recommended.

After selecting a topic, find a web host company that serves to register a domain.Many online web host companies offer you packages.If you have a low budget, then you can get some affordable companies

It will be the first and last investment in creating a web site.You can also find other companies.Choose domain name there and make an order.After registering domain they will send login details to the email provided by you.Try to Choose a domain name that matters to your topic(not important but recommended).

Installing WordPress On Your Domain

Your webhost provider will send you login link(called cpanel), username and password.After logging in go to “softaculous apps installer” and click on WordPress.

how to make a wordpress website 2017 from softaculous installer

Click install.Another window will appear where you can fill out some information.Leave blank the directory field.Fill the required information and press install button at the bottom.

how to make a wordpress website 2017-install wordpress on your domain

Ok, Its done you have installed WordPress on your domain.Now you will choose the right WordPress theme for your website.Which is most important part of your work.Choosing the right template helps you build professional WordPress website.But before selecting the right theme, know a little about the WordPress.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular content management system where you can build a completely free website.It is a script or software which give you the functionality to manage your website content.There are a lot of WordPress plugins which provide further functionality to your website.You can download free plugins from WordPress.org/plugins/. Plugins are very important for any website.Don’t worry you are not gonna design a website with a code.There are many free WordPress templates which you can choose for your website.Visit the link to  Download Best Free WordPress Themes or Templates.

What is The Right WordPress Theme To Choose For Your Website?

Pre-made templates made by different developers are purchasable and free.If you don’t want to purchase a theme.Find a free website template.Choose the theme in the exact category what your website about.For example, if you have news, magazine, article or blog website.You can search for magazine or news WordPress themes.Other WordPress themes like portfolio/galleries or education templates can also be picked up if it belongs to your website topic.Choose the best one that suits your business.Be patience and look every part of the theme before deciding to choose.Try to select the theme with maximum features.Free template never affects your website.Many popular websites use free templates.

The purchased themes come with premium features.Which gives your website more customization.If you have enough budget then purchase a premium theme.Suitable places where you can purchase premium themes

  • Themeforest
  • Colorlib
  • Elegantthemes

How To Make a WordPress Website 2017 Guide ?

After choosing the right theme that meets your web site topic.Now ready to start building a website.Your downloaded theme file must be in zip format.In your WordPress dashboard go to Appearance -> themes->add new->upload theme.Activate your theme after finish uploading.

Now open your site and see the change.Some functions of your theme will appear on WordPress dashboard.Where you can further customize website.Go to appearance on your dashboard click “customize”.Here you can customize every element of your website.Logo,menu,colors,background color,layouts and other settings.Also, wordpress provide an online preview before saving your setting.If you are known with coding use “custom CSS” to make further changes.

how to make a wordpress website 2017-theme customization

Some template comes with its own theme control panel.Here you can make any kind of changes or add something to your web site.

Widgets are an important part of a website.To understand the widgets go to appearance and then widgets.You can configure your sidebar, footer, header with custom widgets.Place the necessary widgets in the sidebar like “recent posts”,”categories” etc.

Create pages:

In this ultimate guide on How to make a WordPress website 2017 let’s jump to creating pages. Almost every website has pages like “Home”,”About us”, Contact us” etc.To create these pages go to Pages ->Add new.Name your page in the title.Type some content in the description area.Publish your page.To create “contact us” page under page attributes change the template to contact template.After publishing you will see a contact page on your website.

how to make a wordpress website 2017 how to add pages

Menus Settings:

Menus are used to navigate from one page to another.The most theme comes with two menu bars.The top menu bar and main menu bar.You can use one or both.To create menus go to Appearance -> Menus.First name your menu.Now you can add pages, custom links, and categories from the left side to your menus.Check box the page to add a page and click Add to Menu button.Also, check the box “Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu”.Using the same method you can add categories and custom links too.Click save menu and see the change in web site.

how to make a wordpress website 2017-creating menus

Download SEO Yoast Plugin that is necessary for every website.It helps you to give title, description, and keywords to your every post.This will improve your web site’s rank in Google search engine.

WordPress also provide you plugins to get more functions for your website.For example, if you have the eCommerce website.You can download eCommerce plugin.To get free plugins use WordPress official website https://wordpress.org/plugins/ .After a couple of days of practice, you will be able to build a professional wordpress website.

How To Start Making Money From Website?

Try to put content to your website as much as you can. Optimize your website for the better search result.Submit your sitemap to Google search console.When your web site’s rank gets better.You can apply for Google AdSense.The more visitors you get, your rank will increase and the higher the earnings too.

Other Benefits in Learning Building WordPress Website

You will not only create a web site for yourself, rather you can also work for others that will pay you.You can work as a freelancer.There are lot freelancing websites where you show your skills and earn money.Also, you can create a gig on fiverr.com to display your skills of website building.Fiverr is the most popular website where you can make money from your website building skills.

If you have any problem relating WordPress website write down your comments.I will be happy to help you.

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