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Starting a new website with WordPress is the best choice. It is easy to use and a free platform to create a website. WordPress offers free and purchasing themes to you.

Building website in WordPress is very facile. Even if you are unaware of coding you can create any kind of website. Choose website template that suits your business. Do some necessary settings. Now, your website ready to launch.

We offer best WordPress themes free download. Not only common but we also offer Premium themes free. All themes are unique and professional in our store.

We also have newly released themes in 2018. One visit will force you to get back to more templates. All businesses can find their required WordPress themes and download it free.

Some of our popular themes are education, classified ads, magazine, directory, business, and portfolio. It’s boring when checking one by one. Just click your required category from our list. It will appear the best wp templates to you.

High-Quality Free Themes Are Not Risky

When you look around in the WordPress theme community about a question, are free themes risky?. You’ll usually listen to opinions with an answer yes,  for the reason that they aren’t supported well, or they’re often developed by inexperienced designers. So it’s essential that you look for high-quality free WordPress themes with respectable support. In fact, a premium theme usually has a strong code and a regular help staff to support you out of trouble.

But, some WordPress themes free download are too nice to pass by.  Lot of them have not just amazing design, but they deliver features superior to the themes you would have to buy. That’s why we gathered only, best WordPress free themes that you can say it yours. Free themes are perfect for bloggers and persons who need to create an online journal of their ideas. However, they also do an amazing job for those businesses who want to avoid wasting money.

Choosing Right WordPress Theme For Your Website

Choosing a right theme among the thousands that should be very good, of highest quality and errorless for your site. It is a hard work for those who do not have any earlier experience in web development. Thousands of WordPress free themes are there around the web, in which you can come to a decision about on. But often a big number of possibilities rises a question which wp theme should choose for your website.

When you are a beginner and want to start a web site it is best to move for simple WordPress themes free download rather taking premium themes. Because it might be a hard choice for you as you before spent enough amount of money in web hosting and buying other required plugins. So, if you won’t prefer to invest more money then go with it. That is why it usually suggested that newbies should choose free themes at least you should be able to customise them based on your needed things.

We are talking about all the important factors which you must ignore before selecting a free template for WordPress. The initial and key factor is that you must aware about your all requirements. You must know the nature of your website, visitors your site will draw in, goals of your site, your expert knowledge of working with languages like PHP/CSS/JavaScript.

A few of the concerns which you must know because they will build a foundation for the choice of free responsive theme to your site. Below are a few of the essential things which you should think about before selecting a WordPress theme free.


Almost every developer’s primary purpose is to modernize and the design of the web-site. But they ignored the reality that there may be weaknesses in your scripts which will encourage cyber criminals to your site. Details can consist of your visitor’s contact info and other private details. So when selecting a free WordPress template for self-ruling you must also remember the factor concerningon the protection of the website and vendee credentials.

Loading Speed Fast

Another essential factor which is vital for picking out one of faultless free WordPress theme is the acceleration and fast loading speed. Remember, the acceleration and speed is completely based on WordPress theme. When you select a template that is large in words of codes and scripts and takes big time for loading and various HTTP requests. Which can irritate a potential customer or a guest. Several reviews have indicated persons seem to give up those sites that carry big time for loading. Thus, resulting in finally extra bounce rates than usual.

Support Many Languages

You must remember the service of multiple-languages. The multiple-language support provides the audience choice to transform the website to their local language. It helps to draw in visitors from throughout the globe. There are several free templates and wp plugins which include these type of alternatives to programmers to set up which can translate the site. Plugins for translating site such as WPML, polylang,  qTranslate are suitable with all our listed free WordPress templates.

Browser Compatibility

Selecting a theme that is compatible with all browsers can increase web traffic. It catches the attention of more visitors. Your theme should be totally compatible with well-known browsers like cell phone, tablet, hand kept and desktop’s browsers. Our developer’s staff has operated by all the preferred tests to be able to create the free layouts compatible in all browsers that famous to people.

Theme Options Panel

Many writers that are establishing a blog might n’t have technical expertise. Many of the WordPress free themes are not designed having a theme options panel so you need to try out with the codes to make any custom layout. While Premium themes include a control panel in which you don’t have to experience with the codes. You can insert anything in a simple click.

On the other hand, there is yet some themes, that is free and comes with a theme control panel. So, for anyone who is a new blog writer and has no cash to invest in the least. But, you can download our free WordPress themes and get the full featured as well as theme control panel.

Responsive Design

In the recent age a growing number of clients are using mobile devices to browse the net and thus it is definitely important to have a mobile friendly WordPress theme free. Google also positions those sites ahead which are supports by multi platforms which contain mobiles phones, tablets, and other technologies. Many of the free WordPress themes are multi-platform friendly but it’s essential to examine that the template you decide on should be mobile friendly. In Themesflag, we gathered only themes which have completely responsive design. Also, you can install AMP plugin that will speed up your pages for mobile devices.

Help Team

If you have selected a free WordPress theme which is ideal based on your content and nature of the site but doesn’t provide you any support later then it’s definitely likely to get you into some difficulty in long term. Also, you might prefer to use a developer afterward for this reason.

Anytime you experience any problem whether it’s with installing of plugins or any other factor which you are doubtful of you might need some type of help. So it’s smart to select a theme which offers support as when needed.

Client Reviews

It is significant that you must restore the feedback in the form of reviews and ratings from the client so about find out what clients like and what they don’t or hate the most. The majority of the free responsive WordPress themes with slider do not give such a choice. However, in our situation from day to day, we look at to get feedback from our clients and aim to have almost all the possibilities carried out free of price.

Optimized For SEO

Another aspect which is quite essential and should remain in any free WordPress theme you’re using is optimization with SEO plugins and SEO compatible coding. As depending on HTML and CSS  lot of themes written with as per SEO coding requirements. Selecting a best SEO compatible template is in itself a difficult work but plugins make the task simpler and so it is important you should look for WordPress themes free download which are suitable with SEO plugins and makes use of correct SEO coding to get the highest possible benefits while acquiring you top positions for SEO.

Plugins Support

The major aspect for selecting an ideal free theme of WordPress from a high number of free themes is the friendliness and interface with all the vital and favorite plugins. While there are several plugins offered on the web but if a well-known plugin is already doing work with our selected free WordPress theme then it decreases the time used from your end to set up your site and helps make your task simple.

While deciding upon a free theme of WordPress for download one should not just examine the responsiveness of the theme but also the plugin compatibility with different and essential plugins which you will need now or in future.

Finally, we have talked about several of the crucial things which you must always don’t forget before selecting a free theme from many of free WP themes obtainable online or in the database. All the above pointed out tips are very important if you are new designer or an end user.

Many people usually get puzzled while picking out from all the accessible free WP themes and download depending on the appearance and experience and layout. But almost all the great looking free WP themes deficiency various techniques like responsive, SEO and plugin interface which are necessary and significant. Also, don’t forget one point that always choose trusted sources to download themes.

Advantages and Benefits of  Downloading Free WordPress Themes


Free themes for WordPress aren’t likely to shed a hole within your wallet. You can get the pure theme you need and start working with it. WordPress official website has bundled free wp themes, they accept best templates.

Premium templates can be pricey and if you purchase a theme and afterward choose you don’t like it, or find out that it does not effectively work with plugins you actually require, it is usually hard to acquire your cash return.

Also, why employ a developer to build a website for you when you are able purely to download our free theme

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