smartline-lite free magazine wordpress theme for magazine and news website

Smartline Lite Responsive WordPress Theme

Smartline-lite 1.4.4

Smartline is a wordpress theme that can be used for magazine and news website. It also suits to the blogging websites.We Offer this magazine wordpress theme for free to download.


  • Resposnive LayoutFeatured Posts SlidshowFront Page as Magazine
  • Featured Posts Slideshow
  •  Front Page as Magazine
  • Eye-catching design as Flat
  • Social icons like facebook and others
  • A Search Form in the top header
  • Widgets for one post as 3 category
  • Powerful theme options
  • Image in Custom Header
  • Background change options
  • Color change options according to your desire
  • Typography is bold
  • Template size options like medium and full width
  • Every single post settings
  • Layouts options as right or left bar layout
  • Customizing the theme
    Comments options
    Translation option in the theme

     Featured Posts Slideshow

    Smartline magazine wordpress theme comes with the beautiful features posts slideshow which displays your latest blog posts on the front page. You can customize the post by featuring the post to display on the slideshow show.magazine wordpress theme smarline lite free wordpress theme to download

    Featured Posts Display On The Slidshow

    Responsive Layout

    responsive layout of smartline magazine wordpress theme free

    Responsive Layout

    This magazine wordpress theme or blogging theme is fully responsive layout.Your website will be able to display clearly on different devices  desktop computers,mobiles,iphones and android devices.Your website even will look eye-catching on these different screens.

    Set The Homepage As Magazine Styled

    Some templates options enable you to style your homepage as good looking magazine front page.This option allows you to set the featured posts as slideshow on the front as big slide.Custom Widgets display the category posts on the front page.The theme is widgets based theme that enables you to monetize your website and display the magazines stuffs according to your choice.homepage free magazine wordpress theme

    Home Page Setting

    Display Search Box in Header and Social Icons

    You can display this search box and social icon button to the right side of the header using smartline widgets.header serach box and social icons magazine wordpress theme

     Urdu Description For This Theme

    اگر آپ نیوز یا میگزین کی طرز کا ویب سائٹ کھولنا چاہتے ہیں تو یہ تھیم آپ کے لئے اچھا ہے۔یہ ایک ریسپانسیو تھیم ہے جو کسی بھی ڈیوائس میں فٹ آسکتا ہے اگرآپ اس تھیم کو موبائل ٹیبلیٹ یا کمپوٹر پر بھی کھولیں گے تو آپ کا ویب سائٹ اس ڈیوائیس کے سکرین کے مطابق فٹ ہو جائے گا۔یہ تھیم بلاگنگ کے لئے بھی استعمال کیا جا سکتا ہے۔اس تھیم کے مزید فیچر اوپر والے سیکشن میں دئیے گئے ہیں اور ساتھ میں آپ ویڈیو بھی دیکھ سکتے ہیں جس میں اس تھیم کا ڈیمو ہے اور اپنے ورڈ پریس پر انسٹال کرنے کے بعد کے کچھ ضروری سیٹنگ بھی ہیں ۔

    Video Documentation Theme Demo & WordPress Dashboard Setting

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