6 Top Tips to Help with E-commerce Website Design

When was the last time you purchase something online?

Did you notice the design of the website? Maybe not!

If the design is performing well, it would never demand attention. Rather it would outshine the products and help users to make a purchase in the most effortless way.

Now, think about another e-commerce website that you left frustrated and abandoning your shopping purpose before you reach the cart. I am sure it was the site’s design that was catching all the attention. An obvious bad design, leave customers annoyed and confused, and costing store owners a sale.

Website design is that important.

I am a website design expert. Over the years I’ve been producing site’s designs that are hallmarked with lots of appreciations and wows. The good thing is being a designer I can spot elements that make a design aesthetically appealing.

The design for an E-commerce website design involves more than the look of a site. It is more focused towards how the process flows from one step to the other and how easily it can evoke the mood of customers.

The two core aspects E-commerce site design is focused on is – visual appeal of the brand and easy navigational functionality.

With years of experience and following the talent of numerous expert designers, I am able to curate the best tips, advice, and solutions for newbie designers to build a brand-oriented and thoughtful E-commerce website design.

So, check here these best tips right away that will help you create a design that can aid to sell more!

Best Tips to Help with Your E-commerce Website Design

  1. Consider a Full-Page Image for Background

Give a rich shopping experience to your customers with a well fit full page background image. Besides numerous small images, a single huge image is ideal to create an impressive and uncluttered website design.

This would make your site design clean. Even customers would be more focused on what they can buy. The best investment that you can make into a site’s design is to think about elements that enhance its visibility.

Use HD images only. Customers are always looking for minor flaws. Hence, don’t give them any space for error.

Select a full-page image that blends well with your entire website design. Remember this is important to enrich the overall customer experience.

2.Flat Design is in Vogue

Flat design is one of the biggest design trends in vogue. Since its inception in 2014, it has been able to target major plaudits.

This design focuses on using simple shapes and colors with edgy lines fitted well together to generate a clean and flawless design with a minimal volume of visual glitter.

However, when designing a flat design, do consider the material design that is related to adding some additional colors to entire design. Including colors in such a way are more effective to entice users to shop.

Even the flat design trend is based on the basic color psychology. Color influences moods and emotions. Hence, to create a positive effect with the use of proper color tones and shades.

3.Think About Creating a Card Design

Might be you are wondering what a card design is?

Let me briefly explain it to you!

It is a new kind of design that has helped numerous e-commerce platforms to better promote their business. Every card is embedded with a short piece of information, an image, and few buttons. This seems an easy and convenient way to ensure that your product information is provided to the customers in a compact way.

It is believed that card design will help people meet their needs in a matter of seconds. For this reason, more and more users prefer the card design each year.

Even, this is a brilliant idea to create a website design for mobile optimization.

4.Keeping Buttons Use to Minimal

A major trend of the flat design is using minimalist buttons. One prime example of such buttons is ghost buttons.

Such buttons are used to create any kind of button and perform any type of action, like sharing, browsing, and shopping. With help of such buttons, it is possible to accomplish any marketing plan you prefer.

The critical part about using ghost buttons is they don’t interrupt in between the flow of overall site design. They are almost invisible like a ghost, and hence, an ideal solution to create an impeccable E-commerce website design.

5.Parallax Scrolling

Another brilliant design trend that has been in flow for over a few years now is Parallax Scrolling.

This design trend has been used in numerous E-commerce sites for over a time. But this is something that you have to take precaution as well. It is because it can become a distraction easily. Even the distraction can be so major that it might kill the overall conversion rates of your website.

For this reason, most of the experts believe to use appealing parallax scrolling technique to only highlight a particular product. Don’t consider this as a design trend that can contribute to bringing in sales on a daily basis.

6.Mobile Optimization

The revolution of mobile has already happened, but as per the experts, the evolution is still taking place.

Hence, if you lack to create a mobile-optimized website design, then it would be difficult for you to market yourself. At least, this would crop up half of your target population that intends to use the mobile device.

If the audience is not able to access or use your site through their mobile, then this would give them a reason to move towards your competitor.

The good thing about mobile optimization is that every new theme is available with this inbuilt functionality. Along with a mobile optimized design, you can boost your business marketing by building a dedicated mobile app.

Final Words

I have compiled these 6 best tips after considering the ideologies and design trends of industry experts worldwide. By taking benefit of them today, you would definitely be able to increase the overall strike rate of your Ecommerce website.


Author Bio:

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on office interior design, Lifestyle Design, Website Design Services In India, Exhibition design etc.

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